Protectıon Seekers, States And The New Securıty Agenda

Protectıon Seekers, States And The New Securıty Agenda

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Dr. Umut Türkşen


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Dr. Umut Turksen,BA (Hons.) Law & International Relations (Coventry), LL.M International Law (UWE -Bristol), PGD Higher Ed. (UWE, Bristol), Ph.D (UWE - Bristol) is the Avvard Leader for LLM in International Economic LawattheUniversityoftheWestof England.He teaches European Union Law, VVorld Trade Organisation Law and Public International Law and provides consultancy on Financial Crime and Corruption, International Trade Law and Legal Education to multinational corporations and the European Union.Some of the published work by Dr. Umut Turksen:Turksen U.,The WTO Lavvand the EC's GSP+ Arrangement, Journal of VVorldTrade Vol. 43(5) [2009]Turksen U. and Ryder N., Islamophobia or an important weapon? An analysis of legislative approaches towards the prevention of terrorist finance by the United States of America since 9/11, Journal of Banking Regulation, Vol. 10 [2010]Turksen U. and N.M. Phuong,"The Honeymoon is Över" Vietnam and the WTO: A Critique of Foreign Direct Investment Commitments in Banking and Distribution Services, Journal of VVorld Investment & Trade, Vol.l 1 (4) [2010]

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